Roy Keane drags Paddy Power to court over ‘Braveheart’ advert

  • Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:46
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Manchester United legend Roy Keane dragged Irish bookmaker Paddy Power to High Court for infringing his image rights.
The company, known for making controversial adverts, had made a bit of habit of the same. They produced UK’s most complained-about ad in 2002. Also, Paddy Power came under fire for their 2012 advert, showing blind footballer kicking a cat into a tree. 
The latest PR stunt of the company featured Ireland’s assistant manager Roy Keane. It contains the image of the former Manchester United captain (depicting William Wallace from the movie Braveheart), with a message that read:
“You may take our points but at least we have our freedom (ya wee pussies).”
Making an obvious reference to Scotland’s rejection of independence in a referendum last year, the betting giant made use of Keane’s image to taunt Scotland fans before their Euro 2016 qualifying fixture against Ireland last month. 
The ad (40 foot poster) appeared on a lorry stationed outside Ireland’s football stadium 
Naturally the ad hurt the sentiments of Scottish people and offended Keane as well, resulting in the latter dragging the bookmaker to court. A&L Goodbody representing Roy Keane and Arthur Cox on the side of Paddy Power, considered the two biggest law firms in Ireland will conduct the arguments in court for their clients.
Speaking on the entire matter, Paddy Power spokesman said: 
“Roy Keane has taken legal action against us following his face appearing on our Braveheart billboard ahead of the Ireland Scotland game, it’s with the lawyers so obviously we can’t talk about it, but hopefully they won’t take our freedom to have a bit of crack.” 
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